Friday, 8 November 2013

The Lighthouse, Yzerfontein

Heaven on Earth

If there is a heaven, and if I should make it there, and if by any chance one may pre-order a heavenly home – I choose this one. Too many “ifs” and I shall rather enjoy heaven on earth, here and now. In true heaven-sent style, I look onto white – white linen, white curtains, white walls, white floors, white beach sands and white spray on the blue-grey sea. Even my cotton pajamas are white. The white ceiling ends in a lighthouse-style round skylight, creating a halo above my bed.

I am at the Lighthouse (see, a glamorous beach house, and actual movie set. It is right on the beach, in the pristine little coastal hamlet of Yzerfontein. So close to Cape Town one can actually see Table Mountain across the bay, many of these enviable homes are also available as holiday rental villas. The Lighthouse is a spacious 3-bedroom family-friendly home, with an additional two fully equipped granny flats which may be hired separately or together.

The serene décor is perfectly balanced with every possible luxury – integrated sound system, dishwashing machine, fully fitted kitchen, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, heated towel rails, under-floor heating and marble tiling in the bathrooms. The upstairs deep bath is set against a bank of sash windows, overlooking the bay. Downstairs there is a spacious sauna with a glass front to views of the ocean. One needs a week here just to experience every aspect of this beautifully designed home.

Accommodation Experience:
I sit in bed with 180 degree sea views. It is a calm grey morning after last night's ostentatious sunset. The sun rising makes the skies pale orange. In the far distance there is a light from an actual lighthouse which comes and goes, and one can imagine its circular motion. From my enviable tower bedroom I wonder if the owners of this beach house have saved some orphans in a previous life to be so lucky to return to such a haven. I chuckle, realising that I have actually worked with orphaned children and still I do not feel worthy of such bliss. I guess none of us really deserve or could ever earn or own such happiness, and yet paradoxically such beauty is all around us and is a gift freely given for the receiving. The Hafiz poem goes on to say:

There are so many gifts
Still unopened from your birthday
There are so many handcrafted presents
That have been sent to you by God.

The Beloved does not mind repeating,
"Everything I have is also yours."

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