Friday, 21 March 2014

Zula Beach Cottage, Paternoster

Seaside Simplicity

What are the key features of a sensational seaside spot? Views of the sea, of course, within touching distance, with perhaps nothing separating one from the white sands other than a set of double glass doors and patio with an outdoor seating area. The architecture should be Cycladean, with clean lines, white walls, blue-grey windows and doors. Seaside interiors are ideally calm, cool and white, with hints of blue. 

Cue Zula Beach Cottage in the pristine little fishing village of Paternoster on the West Coast. This open plan cottage has all of these things. It is as close to the sea as it gets and the views are ever changing pictures of nature and the elements. The bachelor suite has an indoor and outdoor fireplace, a patio covered with a reed roof, with outdoor table and chairs. There are cushioned recliners on the lawn behind a low, curved whitewashed wall ending in a pretty blue gate to the beach.

Inside the linen is white and the bed is set back to enjoy the full views of the sea in privacy. The floors are covered in cool, glossy white tiles. There is a spacious glass shower and a well fitted, modern kitchen. An antique wooden wardrobe and wooden desk lend texture, along with wicker armchairs with nautical blue and white striped cushions to complete the maritime effect.

Accommodation Experience:
The magic of this place is its setting overlooking a long, natural beach in Paternoster. We sit outside enjoying sundowners late into the evening. As the sun finally starts setting, we watch spellbound as thousands of white seabirds tessellate their way onto the beach to rest. It takes more than half an hour for the never-ending wave of undulating, twisting, curving birds to land, rise and land again. It is a rare privilege and one has the sense that one could stay here for many weeks on end and not see all that these views have to reveal.

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