Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Highveld Splendour Boutique Hotel, Ermelo

Cleansing Beauty

I had a hankering to immerse myself in beauty, in a clean and calm space. I could not have made a better choice with a stay at Highveld Splendour. Vast rooms, cool, tiled floors, wide glass doors and high ceilings instantly dispel any mental or emotional clutter. Open plan bathrooms have spacious all-glass showers, minimalist basin bowls and deep, modern baths. Fluffy, soft, grey bathrobes provide a comforting foil against the cool white. It’s like someone found my wish-list and made it come true.

Every possible luxury has been thought of – thick, white towels, temperature controlled rooms, silky white linen with smooth, King-size pillows on the extra length King bed. Walnut wood furniture and fittings ground the look, along with the thatched roof and exposed wooden beams. I especially love the thick, hung wood panels with soft down-lighting and recessed wiring. A glamorous wallpapered wall, patterned right up to the apex of the open ceiling completes the balance of light and luxe.

Accommodation experience:
I have only one night at this beautiful haven, and not content with the few waking hours I have at Highveld Spendour, I don’t want to waste time on sleep. I sleep late and wake early, sitting in bed and enjoying the calm space. With the thatched roof, birds singing and my view onto a Yellowwood tree, it feels like one is far out in the country. There is perfect harmony between the natural materials, contrasted with the sheer glass and minimalist white.

I had been drawn to the clean look of this place, but find myself equally appreciating the warm grey wood in the suite, the beautiful grounds of the estate and the friendly staff. Sometimes a clean sweep can be tempered with gentle warmth and the results are more restorative.

It still surprises me when I not only get what I want, but find unexpected pleasure in what I really need. 

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