Saturday, 14 September 2013

D’Vigne Lodge, Greytown

Happy Place

I was happy to have to spend a few days in lush rural KwaZulu-Natal for work. I find myself at D’Vigne Lodge, a surprisingly luxurious and affordable bed and breakfast in small-town Greytown. The country decor - florals and gingham and wingback chairs - works well with the classic 1930’s Victorian manor house, with its pressed ceilings and original high bay windows.

What I love about D’Vigne Lodge:

  • Pristine Victorian red-brick building, with two gabled wings and a cleverly enclosed glass verandah lounge
  • Pretty garden with green lawns in front, such that the house is set back from the road
  • Enormous sunny suites
  • English country themed rooms, with white-painted furniture
  • Ornate fireplaces, pressed ceilings and original wide wooden floorboards
  • Deep slipper baths
  • Soft, big white towels
  • Heaters, electric blankets and fans

Accommodation Experience:
My latest sophisticated psychological theory is this – do what makes you happy. This advanced thinking is based on complex academic premises which are threefold:
      1.    Life is short
      2.    When you are happy you make other people happy (the converse theorem applies)
      3.    When you do things on the basis of oughts, shoulds or any form of guilt, false self
         or expectations of others, it will usually come with a back-lash.

In this pursuit of happiness, it is our unique combinations of passions and interests that make us who we are. And so I set out with a glad little heart to do two seemingly paradoxical things which make me happy - training of community development facilitators in uMvoti, while staying in some fabulous character finds. My stay at D’Vigne Lodge, is utterly charming and would make even the most jaded traveller’s heart glad.

After unpacking a few of my favourite things, I lie back on the cream chaise lounge in my suite. I settle in with a cup of tea, reflecting that it is lovely when you enter into a space and fit into it with ease and pleasure. When you are happy, the world somehow creates pleasant spaces around you, responding to your own approach with generosity and kindness.

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