Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Grand Cafe and Rooms, Plettenberg Bay


A modern fairytale

I am quite green with envy at the fun which it seems was had in conceptualising the Grand Cafe and Rooms in Plettenberg Bay. Like a modern princess without a pea I climb onto my high bed via a red velvet footstool. I mean, where does one even get to use the term footstool nowadays, let alone describing one that is, I kid you not, genuinely covered in red velvet. A sense of humour exudes every aspect of this fantastical space, where no holds have been barred in the creation of a uniquely characterful romantic holiday hotel.

What I love about the Grand Cafe and Rooms at Plettenberg Bay:
  • The sweeping ocean views from every part of the hotel
  • The artistic license with which every corner of the establishment has been created
  • The surprisingly glamorous and yet affordable rooms
  • Luxurious raised beds and generous baths with views
  • The Bath House, with its twin baths and eccentric, romantic courtyard feel
  • Silver candelabra, red roses, pillow chocolates and an excess of velvet
  • The dramatic Cigar Lounge, filled with interesting furnishings and books
  • The outdoor restaurant with romantic, candle-lit round tables
  • Friendly staff which seem to embrace the fun yet upmarket hospitable service

Accommodation experience
Once upon a time I had wanted to visit the Grand Cafe and Rooms. Like any good tale I had long to wait, with many obstacles and a few monsters to slay. But finally I found my way.

Later that same day, having a bubble bath by the candlelight (from a ridiculously large silver candelabra), with views of the ocean and star-lit skies, it was impossible not to be happy. The abandon with which the room had been lavished with creative and thoughtful detail could not help but be infectious. I felt a child-like joy in the experience, like the ending of a fairytale filled with romance and naive hope for the happily-ever-after. 

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