Sunday, 17 March 2013

Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park

Glamping at its best

Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park, Elgin, Western Cape

My parents, the most rugged of safari campers, recently asked me why I do not share their love of the Tent in the Great Outdoors. I replied that while I love being in nature, I do not enjoy grovelling in the dirt, dealing with leaking tents, trekking to the bathroom at night in the freezing cold and sharing grotty public bathrooms with critters of various shapes and forms. By contrast, Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park in Elgin is everything I love about being in nature in style. This is true glamping at its best.

My luxury trailer, rather sardonically called “Life Before Colour”, is as dinky as it is artful. The theme is of a bygone era reminiscent of black and white colour movies, and everything is beautifully decorated in black and white patterns, down to the wallpaper in the loo cubicle. Clever and fun decorating combined with thoughtful conveniences make the trailer a fabulous design success. The trailer is completely self contained, with a spacious double bed, a full sized Victorian bath, basin, wardrobe, separated toilet, kitchenette and lounge area. Outside there is a deck with far-reaching views of the Elgin valley.

Accommodation Experience:
I felt like a child exploring my interesting trailer, opening and closing all that moved. It took me a while to believe that everything really works – from the pop-up awnings at the windows, to the kettle, to the characterful little Smeg fridge, to the bath, to the flushing toilet.

After a fairytale bath, when I finally snuggled into my bed late that night, everything felt cosy and warm. I looked up and saw that the curved walls in the bedroom area were painted in silvery gold which shimmered in the light. I took a last look down the full length of the trailer, and sighed with pleasure at the perfect balance of luxury and fun achieved in this most characterful of stays.

What I love about Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park:
  • The sense of humour which permeates the place, from the name “Old Mac Daddy” to the individually decorated trailers with interesting names and unique themes
  • The surprising luxury of the trailers, where there is a feeling that no effort has been spared in the pursuit of comfort and creativity
  • The quirky decor, in which every detail is true to the theme of each trailer
  • The self-contained nature of the trailers, where each has its own bed, bathroom, kitchenette and lounge
  • The setting and views of the Elgin valley
  • The modern eco-design of the communal dining area

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  1. I think even I would enjoy staying here! Camping, but NOT as we know it. Looks wonderful!