Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Gorge Private Game Lodge and Spa

Plush nature hide

The Gorge Private Game Lodge and Spa
Oribi Gorge, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast

I had expected the views at The Gorge Game Lodge and Spa to be pretty, but they were spectacular. When I walked into the suite, with its full height and 180 degree windows, the view took my breath away. Situated on the edge of a dramatic corner of the Oribi Gorge, the views span a broad stretch of the gorge and silvery river below.

The architecture of the suites makes the most of the unique location and vast views, with individual curved free-standing units perched on the edge of a drop into the gorge. The use of natural stone walls, taupe neutrals, clean white linen and a hint of stylish African decor enhances the feeling of belonging in the natural setting. The clever design means that one can relax in the huge bath and outdoor shower with amazing views and complete privacy. The gorge views provide endless entertainment in the form of changing skies and birds of prey flying right past the expansive windows and balcony so that it feels like you are in a plush nature hide.

The Gorge personnel were enthusiastic to meet every wish, including being pleased to serve meals on the balcony of the suite to create one's own private, candle-lit restaurant. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. While being attentive, the staff also respected one's personal space.

As a private retreat in luxury and natural beauty I highly recommend The Gorge. The Gorge Private Game Lodge and Spa is a member of the Portfolio Collection, and for more details visit

Things I loved about The Gorge Game Lodge and Spa:
  • The dramatic views of the Oribi Gorge
  • The clever architecture which maximises these views to create a feeling of being in a private, luxurious nature hide
  • Spectacular bathroom views with enormous bath and both an outdoor and indoor shower
  • Stylish decor which integrates luxury with the natural feel of the setting
  • Private candle-lit dinners on the balcony of one’s own suite
  • Enthusiastic and respectful staff

Accommodation Experience:
I loved the long bubble baths by starlight, enjoying moonlit views of the gorge below. 
My other favourite spot was my private balcony and I was thrilled to have dinner served here at my suite. Watching the late sunset, while having a delicious meal, was a highlight, especially when a pair of Rainbirds flew past one evening. Usually fairly shy, it was a privilege to watch them float down together in synchronised flight right past the balcony, unaware of my presence. I felt very awake, alive, calm and quietly grateful.

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