Thursday, 25 April 2013

Petersfield Country Cottages, Cederberg

This one is mine

As you can well imagine, my partner gets quite vexed by my adventurous accommodation spirit. So I was more than a little nervous to announce (as late as I dared) that our next stay was a farm cottage without electricity. With a seething technophile by my side, I tried to concentrate on navigating the bumpy, dusty entrance to Petersfield farm, while sending up a silent prayer that the place was not too rustic.

With the setting sun making golden the surrounding Cederberg cliffs, the cameras were out before even unpacking the car and all was forgiven. We stayed in De Veepos, one of the characterful country cottages on the Petersfield Farm near Citrusdal. The farm is about two hours North of Cape Town, conveniently off the N7, but it feels miles away from the highway. Silence descends, as does a slight chill as one realises things are about to become very real, as this place is the truth in terms of an escape from the everyday avoidant urban frenzy.

What I love about Petersfield Country Cottages:
  • The cottages are nestled in the foothills of the spectacular Cederberg mountains
  • The cottages are spaced far apart, not even in sight or sound of one another or the main farmhouse
  • The gardens of the cottages celebrate the local Cederberg rocks and fynbos
  • Fireplaces, gas lamps, wooden beams and double wooden and glass doors
  • White linen and mosquito nets, with soft beds makes this a surprisingly non-rustic character stay
  • Deep blue-grey private swimming pools
  • The outdoor bath, surrounded by fynbos and views of the mountains

Accommodation experience
Despite the chill in the air, I was doggedly determined to enjoy the novelty of an outdoor bath. I waited until the sun was well up in the sky, and ran a hot bubble bath. I undressed as quickly as possible and immersed myself in the warmth of the water, enjoying the contrast with the cool air. Nothing quite beats the feeling of lying in water under big skies, surrounded by views of mountains and fynbos and I felt a gentle coming home to myself while my soul lifted in greeting to the beauty of such a day and the kindness of being in such a place.

I was reminded of the Hafiz poem “This one is mine”, which goes like this:

Someone put
You on a slave block
And the unreal bought

Now I keep coming to your owner
“This one is mine.”

You often overhear us talking
And this can make your heart leap
With excitement.

Don’t worry,
I wont let sadness
Possess you.

I will gladly borrow all the gold
I need

To get you

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