Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Old Coach House, Greytown

Balance of Wellbeing

Character-stays in a historic building, with themed decor, showing a sense of humour and love of all things local, are a rare and marvellous find. This one is a gem. The Old Coach House in Greytown is a 1900’s farm style building with a long verandah, complete with broekie-lace twirls. A gateway to the KwaZulu-Natal battlefields, this is a bed and breakfast which offers a dynamic display of history and culture, with a modern and luxurious twist. Whether you choose to stay in the Boer Room with its striking Nguni cow images, or the Zulu Room with its dramatic black and white zebra patterns, or the Indian Room with veiled white four-poster bed, you are sure to join in the celebration of diverse South African cultures.

What I love about the Old Coach House:

  • Spacious rooms in an old, but beautifully maintained building, with high ceilings and original pressed light fittings with pretty chandeliers
  • Original wooden floors, deep, wide and high sash windows
  • Affordable luxury
  • Culturally themed rooms
  • Enormous thick towels, deep baths and spread-out bathrooms
  • Electric blankets, heaters and fireplaces
  • A pretty garden and plenty of parking space

Accommodation Experience:
Although I feel I should be more culturally adventurous, I am secretly pleased to be appointed to the English Room because it has an enormous deep bath and clever use of British blue, red and white. Each time I walk into the bathroom I want to laugh out loud when I see the bald British flag so prominently displayed. More Ascot than Country Rose, the suite is surprisingly elegant and glamorous.

Themed rooms rely on a balance between total commitment to the theme, and a certain restraint. This is expertly achieved at The Old Coach House. I feel a sense of deep wellbeing – perhaps achieved by this balance of humour and professionalism, affordability and luxury, convenience and beauty, interest and calm.

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